Phonocon 2019

Zero Degree Latitude is privileged and honored to be the Official Travel Partner in Phonocon, 2019.

We believe that – ‘People don’t take trips, but trips take people’. So we are committed and dedicated to creating unique travel experiences which stay with our travelers as a part of their life and memory. We have crafted and selected special experiences out of scores more blending both conventional and also off-the-beaten-track routes. Here, we have a buffet at the banquet, for you to choose from. In case, you want us to serve you something different to please your taste buds and appetite for traveling, just ping us up at any time.

A step out is all that takes to embark in the journey of your dreams” – ZDL

Warmth of Open Arms...

COURTYARDS & ALLEYS - Kolkata Heritage

It's like Pandora's box, you never know what story is hidden in the next corner or nook. We have designed special walks in collaboration with historians and archaeologists who know every courtyards and alley of the city like the back of their hand. Get your pill of joy from your beloved city of joy.


DEVOTEA - Tea Tourism

Slow down... Pull back... Appreciate... the tenderness of the brew and the lushness of the rolling valleys. Indulge yourself in a luxury of the best brews of the world at the backdrop of the majestic Kanchendzonga. Savour the English aristocracy and planters purity in the same cup.


DISCONNECT - Village Tourism

DISCONNECT YOURSELF! Simply that’s what we want you to experience. Plug off your mundane world and experience the innocence and simplicity of life. We will take you to the most authentic homestays of Bengal, where life is simply so minimal and full of clarity.


ENCHANTRESS - The Sunderbans

SILENCE PLEASE… It’s a sleepy enchantress. Be it the Medusa’s hair like mangroves or the labyrinth of water channels or the lull in the air… it's simply an enchantress. This is as wild and ruthless as nature can be, and as enchanting as you may imagine.


EUCALYPTUS - Sea & Beyond

SIMPLE - SCREWY - SERENE — these aptly describe the beaches of West Bengal. The brackish breeze, tarty odor in the air and the busyness of the fishermen. But, give it a minute and it will slowly start growing on you. The lackadaisical long waves will wash away your weariness like it's beaches.


FERNS & FERAL - Wildlife Tourism

Be it one-horned or double-tusked, the deans and the feral of the Dooars will intimidate and excite you. From jungle watchtowers to jeep safaris to elephant rides you have it all to experience the rawness of the Dooars wilderness. The wilderness awaits to woo you!


NORTH WIND - Mountains & Snow

Take your first-row seat, grab the best brew and enjoy the mighty Kanchendzonga… Lush tea plantations, mist through the pine, whistles of toy trains, gongs of monasteries… it has got all you may ask for. Let the cool North Wind sway you away to the timbres of the Himalayas


PAPER-BOAT - Tagore Trails

Will my paper-boat cross the rivulet? It ends up drowning… And so do you, like the paper-boat, in the lyrics of Tagore. It’s like a sea-voyage but we have crafted programmes for you to sail through the world of Tagore. Find yourself while getting lost in a dimension beyond space and time.



Hiding behind the veil of red, ruggedness and rawness, is the tender, warm and colorful face of the Rarh region. Experience the serenity and transcendence of the landscape embellished with sporadic ancient hillocks and labyrinth of deciduous greenery. It may unmask you…


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