beyond your walls, beyond your fences, beyond the imaginary parallels... make your choices & set yourself free...

'Let us be the Breeze, & you the Voyager'...

Arunachal Pradesh

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Do you know my name? My mark? My footprints? My song or my silo?

If only you want, free yourself to be yourself...
If only you could take a step, you see yourself...

Cat's Meow

WE cross the forests...climb the mountains, WE swim down the stream & chase it beyond the boundless horizon to bell the 'cat' and make it sing for you...

A bouquet of symphonies orchestrated for your 'fernweh' song...


The place where all the imaginations converge & from where it all disseminate...

ZERO DEGREE LATITUDE stand as pillars to bridge communities and cultures with a motto of adding values and build a world under a single roof...

Judhajit Dey Sarkar

Gushaini, Himachal Pradesh

Photo of the Month

"While exploring the hidden and untrodden paths through the mountain jungle, I was already soaked in the hour long downpour. It was chilly and everything around was soggy. Suddenly, the sun bursted out of the dark clouds enlivening the canvas of Gushaini. The frame froze in my cam and also in my heart." - Judhajit


WE are the untrodden path to take you to your NEVER LAND...

Window Seat

24 May, 2019

From the Palette of Togetherness: Gaiety Goa

Universally, February is noted as the month of no season and we were lucky to make our honeymoon trip on the same month. Unlike other trips and travel experiences, the honeymoon has a certain place in

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Waking up Sleeping Buddha: Trek to Tonglu

Sudden midnight plans are truly wonderful! I take pride in myself as I’m different and I have done something different! I have decided to go to Tonglu, a less marketed travel destination. Tonglu

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23 May, 2019

Life, Love & Lemonade – Magic of Parashar Lake

It was like another Friday morning in my 2 BHK apartment at Gurgaon, rented of course. I unlocked the door and got surprised while encountering the serene dining room at 9 A.M. Usually, my roommate Ra

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Red Lantern: A Day in Amsterdam & Countryside

The famous American author John Green once said "Some tourists think Amsterdam is a city of sin, but in truth, it is a city of freedom. And in freedom, most people find sin". Well not can define Amste

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